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Chart Management

LUNA organizes all of your charts under a Chart Profile. This means when you create a radix chart, additional auxiliary charts can also be saved with it.

For instance, you may want to save one or more secondary progressed and relocated charts for a person or event. LUNA lets you save these auxiliary charts together under the radix chart's name so you can find them more easily.

Create a Chart

There are two (2) ways to create a chart:

1. The New Chart Button

New Chart Button

The most direct way to create a new chart is by using the "New Chart" button. This button appears on every screen of LUNA so you can access the chart creation screen at any time.

New Chart Profile

Complete the form on this screen and your new chart will show automatically when you're finished. Note that LUNA comes with three (3) built-in chart types that you can use to help categorize your charts:

  1. Natal
  2. Event
  3. Horary

You can use the "Add Tags..." field to create custom tags/labels of your own (see below).

Date & Time Formats

At this time, LUNA only supports American standard date formats that place the month before the day. This means February 11, 1999 should be entered as 02/11/1999 and not 11/02/1999 which LUNA will interpret as November 2nd. We plan to add support for non-American date formats in the near future.

Please note that you can use either the 12-hour or 24-hour clock format when entering times in LUNA.

2. The Spacetime Navigator

When viewing transit charts you will notice the Spacetime Navigator form that's used for animating to various times and locations.

Transits Info Panel

The transits info panel on the left will show the transit chart data. As you animate the chart, the info panel will auto-update. Select "Save" to jump into the chart creation screen and save the current chart.

New Chart Profile

Notice the date, time and location data is automatically filled in for you as it's from the transit chart. You only need to name it to save it as a new chart profile.

Edit a Chart

All charts have an info panel that has a link for saving, editing or deleting the chart. If the chart is already saved, you will see an edit link.

Saved Chart Info Panel

Select that link to go to the chart edit screen which works the same as the chart creation screen.

Tagging Charts

When you are editing a chart, you can also tag it. Tagging is a great way to organize your chart profiles by any label you want to use.

Adding Tags to Charts

To create a tag, simply type into the "Add Tag..." field. If you have any tags already saved, they will autocomplete based on what you type. If the text you enter doesn't match an existing tag, you can add it by hitting the Enter key when you're done typing.

Don't forget that you can add more than one tag to a chart profile, which gives you greater flexibility when searching your charts.


Tags can be simple terms like "Personal" and "Friends", but they can also be longer phrases such as "Monthly Meetup Group". The maximum number of characters that can be used in tags is 45.

Delete a Chart

To delete a chart, first select the "Edit" link from the chart info panel (see above for details). When you're viewing the edit screen for the chart, you will see a "Delete" button in the lower right of the screen.

Delete Chart

When you select the "Delete" button, LUNA will ask you to confirm the delete operation.

Confirm Delete

The delete confirmation window will appear requiring you to confirm the delete operation or giving you the option to cancel it.

Deleting is Permanent

Once you confirm the delete operation, LUNA will delete the chart profile and all auxiliary charts associated with it. Furthermore, any notes you may have saved in the chart profile and in its auxiliary charts will also be deleted. This action is irreversible and cannot be undone.

Last update: 2021-01-16